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Appropriate Reasoning for the Yoruba Society

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Dr. Akin Fapohunda

Dr. Akin Fapohunda

The existing order is not working. It will not work. It can never work. Nigeria is based on rigging as perpetrated by the British. For one we are unequally yoked with all other ethnic nationalities in the context of Nigeria.
The YORUBA for good or for bad are just different from the IGBO. We are not FULANI.
With few exceptions, the Igbo hate us with passion. Through deliberate occupation, they are in the waiting, but eagerly craving to decimate our society. They are scheming to push us into a civil war. Of course, we seem smarter, to have survived the quest during the Babangida annulment.
The Fulani on the other hand prefer to use our intellect and professionalism in government and even in their own business. They use our Muslim affinity to place us under their thumb. We never had Hijab in our midst, until the recent years. But through misguided people like Aregbesola, the Muslim religion is being used for division among us. Quite sadly, as YORUBA, we don’t fight over such things. But the Fulani want us to be under them.
Is Sultan of Sokoto a superior Muslim to the Awujale of Ijebu Ode, or the Alafin of Oyo. So why is the Sultan and overlord over all other Muslims? That’s the cheating order of the Nigerian State.
Thus, we are between the devil and that deep sea. Gradually we are losing what defines us as a Yoruba society of “Omoluabi.” It is the politics of Nigeria that makes some of to defend Certificate Forgery. Other groups do it anyway, so Minister Adeosun ought to celebrated – a sacrilege of epic proportions.
Yet, the Fulani don’t even care for any certificate at all whether original or forged. Muhammadu Buhari is sitting pretty before our eyes.
In light of the above, only a Confederate Constitutional arrangement will suit us. We need to be separate politically from the rest of Nigeria for say 30 years in other to find out who we are as a people.
From all indications, Buhari is totally out of contention. He deceived us with the promise of restructuring – without qualms. He would not even touch his El-Rufai Committee Report.
I seem only disposed to Atiku Abubakar, not because he is necessarily a good man, but because he is at least mouthing and shouting restructuring. It is the only attraction for me. Nothing else.
If any other candidate with obvious potential to win under INEC/Police/DSS as rigged with Fulani control comes up soonest, then I am game. I will switch.
Anything that will ultimately produce an autonomous Oduduwa Region of Nigeria is my focus.
Now let’s be clear, the setting up of Oduduwa Region alone will not make all problems go away. There is no silver bullet to kill any human problem at once.
But as YORUBA we shall commence the fight within the family for good Government. We shall start to rebuild our ethos. The quest to be ourselves would be the focus.
We would not need to lie on population figures just to steal from others as it is now with the stupidity of revenue allocation and fraud of land mass.
It is the design of Nigeria that promotes and facilitates corruption. Why give one person Oil block? Why let Dangote dig limestone and sell it as cement without any payment for the raw mineral?
We shall take stock of our resources and fully apply our abilities to the fullest extent.
We don’t need crude oil from Ijaw land. Our VAT and other consumption taxes will be fully utilised.
We believe in education and human capacity as a tool for development* . Not in wasting assets like Oil. We shall look towards the YORUBA across West Africa and seek integration in that direction.
It will be very hard indeed initially. But Singapore had to be separated from Malaysia before realising her destiny.
I hope I have communicated a little.
Akin Fapohunda, a member of VOice of Reason wrote from Abuja.

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