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Whither Yoruba? As Yoruba Elites Haggle Between Atiku and Buhari

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I have read beautiful and honest write-ups in favour of Atiku and Buhari. As a Yoruba man acutely aware of limitations in the present day Nigeria, there is a gap which is unbridgeable.  Atiku is Fulani, a patron of Myetti Allah just like Buhari. Both would relentlessly pursue the Fulani agenda brazenly or surreptitiously. 
Choosing either is tantamount to legitimising that agenda. Voting for either, hoping to change in four years, is a mirage. Four years may be too late!
If either wins without the Yoruba votes, nothing could be more symbolic, to show that Yoruba are ready to be on our own as we continue to challenge Fulani domination. 
A few days before Buhari came to Lagos, the trailers parked on the bridges melted away, as if by magic, a feat the sitting governor has been unable to achieve for months, in spite of the exorbitant cost to the state and its inhabitants. A few hours after Buhari left, they resumed their parking in a frenzy, as if, with a vengeance. Who owns the land? 
 I will not lend my vote to continue Fulani domination. I will cherish that satisfaction that I didn’t contribute to it even if either Atiku or Buhari wins. The end result of a vote for either Buhari or Atiku is one and the same, continued Fulani domination. While the denouement may come quicker with Buhari, with Atiku it may take more time while lulling you into complacency with false prosperity while you are being slaughtered or enslaved. 

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