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When Shall We See The End Of Boko Haram?

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Buhari will end Boko Haram madness!

News : Buhari orders troops to wipe out Boko Haram and end Boko Haram threats.

Those are the illusions or propaganda of Buhari, FG, APC and their supporters foisted on the populace by uncritical analyses of the causes and effects of social conditions.
The north of Nigeria is in trouble of social dislocation brought by decades of unjust misrule by feudal elites. The inequitable feudal system has resulted in social dislocation and discontent. The feudal elites live in wanton and obscene opulence while the milieu and hoi-polloi wallow in penurious deprivation and abject poverty. These deprived minds have become depraved by murderous, irrational religious ideologies. The whole of the north is being continuously blighted by this social anomie and no state is left out – Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno,   Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara.
We have multiplicity of issues manifesting in various combinations to the detriment of social, economic and human development of the north – itinerant religious street kids Almajairai, out of school children, mass poverty, open defecation, child marriage, epidemics, Boko Haram insurgency, Herdsmen mayhem, cattle rustling, kidnapping and banditry. 
Unless the inequitable and malevolent feudal system is reformed positively, these social dislocations and insurgencies will spiral out of control and the effect will be felt all over Nigeria. Already dislocated or displaced people from all over the north arel trooping in droves to locations in the south especially the south west which is quite accommodating and relatively liberal and economically buoyant.
Unfortunately the political elites of the south are trying to foist a quasi feudal system on the people by amassing all the wealth and resources available and derivable to the commonwealth to themselves and their acolytes leaving the masses to jostle and scramble for the crumbs like serfs, area boys, miscreants and urchins. The resultant effects are ritual killings, yahoo yahoo, 419, kidnappings, frauds, land grabbing and turf fights.
What efforts are Buhari, APC, the FG and even the PDP making to reform the system to bring about equitable distribution of wealth, justice, fairness and better living for all the people of Nigeria.
As it is, the unfair advantages enjoyed by the north in distribution of appointments, admissions, promotions, allocation of institutions and resources have boomeranged and turned out into a mirage of negative disadvantages – laziness, lack of productivity, loss of initiative and innovation, entitlement complex.
Reward should be incentive for merited diligence, initiative, innovation, creativity and performance.
Do our political elites care about their legacies to the commonwealth and posterity or is it all about self aggrandizement alone? What are the followers doing to right all the wrongs?
When will Boko Haram insurgency, Fulani herdsmen mayhem, Niger Delta restiveness come to an end?
Will military efforts alone end the insurgencies without reformation of the system and the reorientation of the minds. Is the operating capability of the FG, military, police, intelligence and other defense and security apparatuses not undermined by corruption, nepotism, mediocrity, sabotage by fifth columnists and agents provocateurs, poor information management etc? How can the insurgents be wiped out if the rank and file of government and military had been infiltrated by saboteurs. It is a helluva task.
We shall continue to pray for the government, the defense and security forces to get their acts together and get things right.
Wale Ajomale.

A response

Thanks Wale Ajomale, for drawing attention to the fact that a MINORITY feudal elite will eventually get themselves in big trouble – AND US TOO in the over- accommodating SW – IF the rest of Nigeria does not somehow push back and (simultaneously) also encourage the few but powerful core-north people who run and maintain this pernicious, unproductive, unjust and parasitic system, via the Central Govt. The cabal especially in the core north, and, as Wale has signposted, increasingly also in the South. 
There is plenty of evidence in the history of major world revolutions of how the elite of a failed system and their friends struggle to rationalize aspects of their rotten system instead of TAKING ACTION SOON ENOUGH – until it was too late and the street gangs and `toughies` start an UNPLANNED and UNSTRUCTURED revolution that consumes both the directly and indirectly guilty elite, the innocent elite, as well as many innocent ordinary people. France comes to mind. If the French royalty, the govt, the nobility and the greedy Paris Stock Exchange people told themselves the truth (that rare commodity!) soon enough, that their stupid and greedy investment in Mississipi (US) was sucking valuable money for social, economic and infrastructure investment away from France and causing mass poverty, and had taken countermeasures in good time, there probably might never have been a French Revolution. 
But no, they rationalized, self-deceived, justified aspects of a system that any justice-minded observer could see had failed – until it was too late. When the King decided at last to convene the Etats Generaux, it was perhaps 20 years too late. The Robbespiere and Jacobin terror that dominated the UNSTRUCTURED (Oshodi-touts led) revolution killed many honest, hard-working ordinary French bourgeois and innocent commoners until the iron hand of Napoleon intervened to restore some order.
Hoping Nigeria will not join that rank. Oshodi, Ajegunle, Okokomaiko;  Mile-1 and Dioubu Waterside in Port Harcourt – a well as the various agglomerations of human misery (the Ajegunles of Nigeria) are brimming nationwide with hundreds of thousands of crazies without any stakes in the Nigerian Project – including the now mature  almajiris  being exported en-masse to Yorubaland – who are a residual army for the incendiary assignment once the supposedly rational elite FAIL to take the High Road of Justice, Merit, Economic Efficiency (a.k.a Restructuring and other urgent necessities) to address the future-rubbishing and under-development fueling the socio-political system now in place.  
So help us God.

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