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The attention of VOR has been drawn to a document circulating in the social media purportedly reflecting the contents of a publication made in The Punch of Friday 20th November by our organization – Voice Of Reason.
The document carried the following headline: ‘2023: 75 prominent elders vow to pull Yoruba nation out of Nigeria if…’
The truth is as follows:
1. VOR did not publish any such document in Punch or any other newspaper on Friday November 20th, 2020
2. The headline of the document is not reflective of the well-reasoned positions articulated in the body of the text, but was clearly designed to achieve maximum sensational impact.
3. In 2018, as part of its first major public event, VOR took out paid advertisements in some Nigerian newspapers to set out a well-reasoned argument for Restructuring of the Nigerian nation, and for enhanced collaboration and governance in Yorubaland for the purpose of achieving educational, physical and cultural development along the trajectory previously set during the tenure of Chief Obafemi Awolowo as Premier of the Western Region. We stand by these core principles.
4. The recent rehash of our publication appeared designed with mischief in mind. It was based on a lie about a recent date of publication, and was not done with our permission. We are unaware of the origin of the initiative. We take exception to the headliner, which is phrased as an ultimatum, and which deflects attention away from the large number of positive socio-political initiatives we are recommending.
5. In the tradition of VOR, our January 2018 publication was undersigned by our members. The implication of carrying their names in the recent rehash is that it was done on VOR’s initiative and with its authorisation. This is far from the truth.
This statement is put out for public circulation in order to set the facts straight.

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