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By Kalu Aja.

Between peace of the graveyard and slavery, let us fight for honour
When you talk break up they remind you of bloody Bosnia, they forget peaceful Czechoslovakiar.
They forget they let Bakkasi go…but say Nigeria “sovereignty is not negotiable.”
They say they fought and died to “keep Nigeria one” but ISIS flags, a foreign entity flies in Borno.
They say ” we are a Federal Republic” but forget Germany is also a Federal Republic with clear devolution of powers between Federal, States and Local Governments.
They say a breakup means the SE will not trade with Nigeria but forget North and South Korea, nations technically at war are trading amongst themselves.
They support Palestine having a State, including the right of Palestine to seek independence via armed struggle, they host an Embassy of Palestine in Nigeria but say no one should interfere in Nigeria internal relations.
If there is Federal Character why are all heads of the security services from only the North? From Prisions to DSS? The sole exception being the Chief of General staff with no units under him?
If Nigeria wants to diversify away from crude oil why is there only 1 Free Trade Zone in a cluster with Onitsha (largest market in Africa), Aba (largest SME cluster in Africa) and Nnewi (only local automotive cluster in Africa)?
Why in over 60 years does the entire South East not have a federally funded steel plant, even a tiny one? But the Federal Government built a steel plant in the North, South West, South South and the Middle Belt?
They are not contended, they still want to muzzle and strangulate the South West, Middle Belt and South South and take over their lands
South West and South South must submit their ports and oil.Shamefully they pick their brothers to manage the ports and the oil for years even owning more oil rigs.
They keep creating more polling booths for themselves to win all elections
They have armed terrorists in our forests and when we talk they say sabi Chinedu and Ayo the do yahoo? Do we have armed southerners in their forests kidnapping their Emirs and raping their mothers?
They are parading a fee Southerners as kidnappers to send false message that the kidnapping and raping are not by Fulani alone and fools and awuf chop chop people are buying the gimmick
When people talk, they come up with anti Media bill like Iraq and Iran. Do they think all Nigerians are Talibans?
It took President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to give the South East an international airport and connect the SE to the Gas Master plan.
You can deploy 100 army divisions to the South East, it won’t kill the fact that the South East is marginalized in this nation called Nigeria.
A time will come when conditions will be ripe and there will be no army to stop the breakaway. It won’t be violent. If the oppressors choose violence, they will only have Fulani soldiers to fight the whole Nigeria
All the talk of small space and international airports is pedestrian..how big is Singapore?
Even sea currents change, even the light of the sun fails to shine during the eclipse, talk less fickle humans.
You really are banking on military force to kill an ideology? Like seriously?
He that fail to talk today, will reap the fruits tomorrow.
My name is Kalu Aja
©️Kalu Aja.

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