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The Amalekites of Nigeria: Eliminate them, or they eliminate you

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“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning and losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are sure to be defeated in every battle.” (Chinese general Sun Tzu)
The Fulani were originally all Berbers. A slightly darker Arab tribe who the Arabs treated with contempt. Most Berbers were forced to flee from North Africa by the full-blooded Arabs.
Arabs are not a monolithic people. Saudi Arabia alone has 35 tribes that do not understand each other’s language. Berbers are to be found in large numbers from Morocco to Libya. Tunisia managed to flush out almost all its Berbers. There is a reason why Arabs do this.
The Berber-Fulah were expelled into the desert because they are vagrant, habitual bandits. A menace to any society. About a hundred years ago, Ibn Saud, the founder of Saudi Arabia, forced the Bedouin and other nomadic tribes in Saudi Arabia to stay in one place. He, too, was exasperated by their hit-and-run crimes.
Please understand the historical precedents that reveal the Fulani mindset. In 1808, a Fulani man, Gwoni Mukhtar, on behalf of Usman dan Fodio, declared a jihad against the Kanem-Borno (Kanuris), who were their overlords in Wurobokki, the regional capital of the city. Caught unawares, the reigning Mai (King) of the Kanem-Borno, his family and officials fled the capital.
The Kanuris too are an Arab-Berber clan who were forced into the desert by North African Arabs. So, they knew the Fulani predator game only too well. Now, in that moment of distress, the man who came to the rescue of the Kanem-Borno was a person amongst the tribe of black Africans who the Berber-Kanuri met south of Lake Chad. Just like the migrating Kanuri met the black African Chibok people and others in what is today called Borno State. His name was al-Kanemi, a Kanembu.
Giving the usual lie and excuse, Usman dan Fodio claimed that Kanem-Borno must be attacked and conquered because the people were not practicing perfect Islam. Meanwhile, this city had existed as an empire for 800 years. Moreover, they were a settled people who knew Islam before the vagrant Fulanis stumbled upon Islam.
The claims of Fodio amused Al-Kanemi. The Kanem-Borno too are Berber predators who prey on black Africans who tolerate them and allow them to settle. Al-Kanemi argued with the aggressive Fulanis that Kanem-Borno were just as Islamic as the Fulani were and did not need to be conquered by the Fulani to perfect their Islam.
Southern Nigerian Muslims are inadvertently working towards having their land conquered by the Fulani, so that the Fulani can “perfect Islam” for them. A sudden interest in Sharia and diverse acts of treachery against their own people are examples of their misplaced priorities.
Al-Kanemi was blunt. He told the Fulani their jihad was a quest for territory and nothing else. (This also explains why they kill muslims in southern Nigeria).
The Fulani remained adamant that Kanem-Borno territory must be surrendered to them.
In 1808, a Fulani man, Mukhtar, attacked Kanem-Borno. The Fulani army was soundly defeated and Mukhtar was killed. The next year, another Fulani army attacked the same people. The Fulani were slaughtered mercilessly and comprehensively. They were not allowed to surrender and be taken as prisoners of war.
Thus, Al-Kanemi pacified the Fulani-threatened western frontier of the Kanem-Borno empire, not through dialogue, but by violent force.
Bandits never stop until they are forcefully resisted.
The Fulani’s first sudden ambush success was Sokoto, in 1804. The Berber-Fulani then spread out using guile and terror. This is their playbook in Southern Nigeria today. By 1903, the Fulani had totally enslaved over 100 black African tribes in those areas of Northern Nigeria now known as Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi, Katsina, Kano, Jigawa, Bauchi and Gombe States.
All the indigenous black Africans in those states were totally helpless slaves of the Fulani for 100 years. A Fulani could use his sword to cut off the head of any of them at any time, just for fun, and nothing will happen. Employing mass-murders, sporadic rapes, capricious amputation of limbs and the most barbaric forms of cruelty, the Fulani drilled the fear of horse mounted Fulani into these tribes.
Lugard observed that “the only thing the Berber-Fulani did with all these black African tribes was to regularly raid their communities to hunt for human beings as if for animals.” The oppressed people were then sold as slaves to North African Arabs.
Lugard wrote to the Sultan of Sokoto in 1903 saying slavery had been outlawed around the world for almost a century and this had to stop.
The Sultan’s response to Lugard’s request was short: “Between us, there is only war.”
With just 400 men, Lugard left Lagos for Northern Nigeria and defeated the Sokoto Caliphate’s 35,000 cavalry and soldiers. Lugard promptly sent word to the over 100 different northern tribes that they were now free from slavery.
Though full of bluff, almost invariably, the Fulani lose frontal wars. Obasanjo mentioned this fact in one of his writings. Deceit, sabotage and the sudden-killings of its hosts in large numbers, is the Fulani’s preferred way to fight a “war”.
That is why we in Southerners must understand that we are now at war.
For as long as he is not forcefully repelled, the Fulani will continue to raid and steal all from whoever allows him. The Federal Fulani government knows this: they recently offered Miyetti Allah 100 million Naira to tame banditry for two years!
Bandits have no morals and bandits have no sense of proportion. Bandits keep taking and taking and taking. Bandits become more emboldened if their victims do not forcefully resist them. That is the Fulani’s only plan. That is how the Fulani were able to keep the indigenous black Africans in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi, Katsina, Kano, Jigawa, Bauchi and Gombe State for more than a century.
In 1894, an Englishman, William Wallace, who travelled through Fulani-conquered “Hausa” territory, wrote in his “Notes on a Journey through the Sokoto Empire and Borgu,” that “the founder of the Fulah dynasty, Othman Dan Fodio, left to his successors, instructions, which they have found it expedient to obey, to allow these two tribes (bandit tribes) to continue their yearly raids in order to keep the unruly provinces occupied, and thus divert the minds of the Hausa inhabitants from an otherwise inevitable struggle to shake off the Fulah rule.”
The unofficial Fulani policy since their sudden ambush of Sokoto in 1804 “is to create a perpetual crisis in our lives.” The Fulani need that crisis, the state of poverty, to stop us from having the time to think of the extremely malevolent role the Fulani play in our communities.
The millions of okada riders who have plagued Southern Nigeria in recent years are black African tribesmen from Northern Nigeria. They are not Fulani. They too are fleeing Fulani oppression and madness in the north. In the process, they have turned their Fulani problem into our Fulani problem. This is because, although they fled Fulani-induced chaos in the north, when they arrive in the south, they look up to the Fulani and do the Fulani’s bidding. They and their forebears were helpless slaves of the Fulani. On behalf of the Fulani, they will kill us in the name of Islam. We tolerate them at our peril.
When the Fulani say they “lay claim” to Southern Kaduna State, they expect the young tribesmen who don’t want to be killed to move to the south. There are more than 60 black African tribes in Kaduna State alone. They are too fragmented to fight the Fulani, so their young men flock to Lagos, speaking Hausa and changing the demography of the city.
Fulani love to manufacture chaos. Their vagrant cattle men mounted a roadblock and started shooting sporadically at travellers in the South in February 2020. There was rejoicing in Sokoto, Kano and Daura when the criminals called them on mobile phones to tell the Sultan and Emirs what they had just done. The amputation of farmers’ limbs, the kidnapping of people and the wanton rape of women regardless of age are matters for celebration for these terrorists.
Bandits have no Plan B. They simply steal and steal and steal all. When their victims resist and expel them, they go back into the wild, looking for other societies to plague.
Complacent and irresponsible in denial, Christians in the South look on as a minority Fulani tribe threaten us with mass murder and annihilation. Remember, only the living can be marginalized.
Remarkably, the Fulani claim that although their people intermarried with black Africans in Fouta Djallon before they drifted to Sokoto, they are superior to us because they have some “Arab” Berber blood in them.
This laughable claim of racial superiority by a despised half-Berber clan of dressed-up bandits blights the lives of 200 million black Africans today.
If we do not forcefully expel these bandits from our lives, they will kill us while our survivors will be compelled to embrace Islam in the new United Emirates of Nigeria. God forbid!

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