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Revolution Without Ammunition: Youths, Take Back Your Country!

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It is only in Nigeria that presidential candidates will turn Ota and Minna to endorsement Mecca in search of endorsement from the very people that brought Nigeria to her knees.
The endorsements of Atiku by former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the much sought after valueless endorsement of ex-dictator Ibrahim Babangida by some presidential candidates remind us yet of another satanic verses from military despots.
The role of OBJ and IBB as kingmakers is a treasonous act because there’s no Nigerian, living or dead, in my view, who did so much more than the two men in transforming Nigeria into a failed state.
OBJ’s record as kingmaker reads like a funeral dirge. Remember, he gave us Yar’adua. He gave us Jonathan. And he gave us Buhari. We cannot drive a car forward by looking at rear view mirrors. But Nigeria being a country where inmates run the asylum, OBJ and IBB are regarded as kingmakers who ironically should be in a federal penitentiary for decades.
Both men represent polished names in political absurdity – the wrong person for the right reasons. Both are synonymous with moral collapse that has eaten away foundations of our society like cancer. The two men personify everything that is wrong with Nigeria. I don’t have to bore you with litany of ancient evils perpetrated by OBJ as military dictator and civilian president and IBB as military dictator. You’re all too familiar with the historical role the two played in the political wreckage and economic carnage we’re going through as a nation today.
The end has come for OBJ and IBB as kingmakers. The times are different. Nigerians especially the youths are wiser. The political climate has changed. The way Nigerians feel and perceive political and economic situation in the country has created a different political reality and a new political consciousness. A groundswell of support for a generational shift in political leadership of our country sparked and energized the interest and participation of Nigerian youths to run for the presidency.
Public opinion and public sentiment are against the two old despots and their old brigade of irredeemably corrupt politicians. New expectations from Nigerians for the next president is high. They are ready to take back Nigeria. In days like these when death is cheap and busy, when loss is common to Nigerians, when hunger, poverty, unemployment, fear, insecurity, killings, homelessness, uncertainties, and diseases ravaged the land, when the young ones see themselves as lost generation, when the country is headed into the abyss, we don’t need any OBJ or IBB as kingmakers to foist upon us another politically expired candidate with no vision.
The ball is in the court of our youths. They must reject our tragic past represented by OBJ and IBB and embrace a bright and hopeful future as exemplified by the candidacy of Omoyele Sowore.
Youths, you have the upper hand. Everything is in your favor. It’s now for you to draw the line in the sand for 2019 and by the power of your votes say NO to the architects of your miseries and make it a revolution without ammunition.
You have waited for 58 years for a time like this to be in a position to determine your own fate. Now, you have the rarest opportunity to rewrite your own history by rejecting the ancient evils symbolized by the old recycled Buhari and Atiku as president for a new Nigeria in 2019… Let’s go there!
Bayode Oluwasanmi wrote from USA
The opinion expressed and shared by the author is solely his and not that of the Editorial Board of VOR

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