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Oodua spokesperson, Mrs Oladimeji replies Femi Falana on Yoruba Self determination

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Interesting and thought provoking piece – enjoy..
*By Alhaja Mrs. Medinat Oladimeji*
*AOKOYA Deputy Women Leader, Lagos State*
The problem with some Marxists and human rights activists is that they fail to understand their own history. They speak on pages of newspapers but are far from the tough and deadly challenges of the ordinary Yoruba person. Let Falana go to his village and speak, you won’t see up to 100 people. He contested election as Ekiti Governor and was defeated in his own local Government in 2007.
People like Falana have the illusion that ethnic groups cannot manage their own affairs, they gloss over International laws on self determination drafted after two bitter world wars by United Nations and informed by experiences of ethnic conflict all over the world.
Falana wrongly assumes a country is great only when it is big whereas the greatest countries on earth are indeed smaller countries: Finland, Norway, France, Iceland, UAE etc. He is talking of Nigeria as the bigggest black country on earth and so what? A foolish man thinks of his honour and wealth is by having 100 children even though they are not educated, unkempt and fight and kill each other daily. A wise man is contended with 3 or 4 children, all that are decent, disciplined and well trained. India is big with one (1) billion people but full of poverty but Israel is small and prosperous. Egypt is full of crisis and its about 90 million but UAE is 4 million and more prosperous. What are you doing with a country of 200m that is filled with blood, misery and death? Nigeria is biggest black country and the biggest embarrassment to black civilisation.
Falana and his group place economy at the centre of all things and are blind to the historic clash of civilisations, of values, of faith, to language, to culture and to ideas which is responsible for calamities in Africa.
I knew Falana is dishonest when I watched him say he did a research and discovered majority of kidnappers are Yoruba.. What a disgracefully dishonest man. You want to protect your wealth and your clients–politicians at all cost. Few days after his interview, Sultan of Sokoto came up to say 80 percent of kidnappers are Fulani. Falana was forced to wag his tail and shut up. As the struggle continues, it will expose our friends and enemies. Anyone benefitting from a system will not want to see the system die. If Falana so much love Yoruba, what single thing has he done for Yoruba people? Afe Babalola built Hospitals and schools. Gani Fawehinmi gave scholarship to thousands of students. What is Falana’s mission except primitive accumulation of wealth? He is one of the greatest beneficiaries from a rotten and ignoble country.
Remember he was Alamaiseigha’s lawyer. How much was he paid?
How can you talk of a country when you don’t even have communities to live? Yoruba communities are occupied by armed terrorists, why didn’t Falana go to court? Of all the Yoruba people kidnapped why didn’t Falana chambers go to court? Why didn’t Falana write to UN and ECOWAS on invasion of Yoruba territories?
It is wrong to say those demanding for self determination want to transfer national repression to local repression.
Awo and Action Group have proved this to be totally wrong. Singapore, Pakistan, Eritrea, Finland, Denmark have proved this to be false.
Falana don’t have a solution to slavery. He and his group don’t have a solution to kidnapping, banditry, hijack of Yoruba resources and terrorist invasion of Yorubaland. He does not want to support Yoruba struggle yet he is a billionaire. He should leave us alone. He should be ashamed. He should ask himself why his radical Fulani colleagues are behind their own people but he wants to be Nigerian hero? Why can’t he go and live in Sokoto or Zamfara just for two weeks? Why can’t he travel to his Ilawe village by road? He now goes by air to Akure and he has police escort.
Many people like Falana are merely protecting their own investments in Abuja. NLC, ASUU, and labour bureaucrats won’t want Nigeria to break up because of dues and the perks and privileges they enjoy.
Many lawyers will prefer to have Nigeria retained simply because of their clients across the country. Nigeria has become a carcase that all sorts of vultures parading themselves as messiah want to feed on. The lawyers, Judges, make a living from electoral tribunals and the defence of thieves who have stolen public funds make many lawyers become billionaire overnight.
Politicians live on illicit funds. They know Yoruba Nation will make all these very difficult.
It is on this basis they come up with all sorts of mischievous and self serving arguments to defend Nigeria and its falling pillars.
*But the wind has blown and we have seen the ass of the fowl. It is too late for them. The game is up.*

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