Any group with VOR’s strategic focus on socio-economic, scientific and technological development,is also, needless to underscore, politics . However while we are concerned with issues of the public good , politics and policy , our primary objective is the enthronement of a regime , or a structure and culture of developmentally-oriented values and conduct in leadership, followership and governance of Yorubaland specifically, within a broader framework of Nigeria’s unity and all-around national development.

Among VOR’s irreducible-minimum objectives are:

a) To deploy the best possible policy advocacy and information in the Nigeria public space on the need for a new, equitable and efficient structure of governance in Nigeria.

b) To demand through media statement, interviews and similar platforms, that the central Government of Nigeria recognize and take appropriate steps toward the earnest yearning of majority of Yoruba people , fo a Restructuring of the country ; an allegation which is increasingly emanating from the vast majority of Nigeria’s other geo-political zones.

c)To demonstrate – through research and engagement with key Yoruba groups and personalities, both locally and in the global diaspora , validity and viability of Restructuring as the best and most peaceful path to national harmony and national building.

d)To organise events such as policy focused seminars, workshop and public presentation of ‘Big-Bang’ issues.

e) To advocate- and engage – directly and indirectly- with the policy and political leadership across the state and local government areas of Yorubaland , with a view to enhancing the public stewardship quality, accountability, people-centredness, human-asset development and mass-wealth creation dynamic and process of governance in the south-western geo-political zone in Nigeria.

f) To support and contribute to mass awareness and enlightenment campaigns among the generality of Yoruba people on the need to mobilize and demand better governance , greater transparency ,intercity and people-oriented stewardship among elected and appointed leaders at every level of government in our geo-political zone.

g)To avoid always in the formal work and workings of VOR, as well as in its structures and processes, any act , or appearance of. or association with partisan politics and politicking, While not unmindful of, or dis-interested in political climate of our country and especially our region, all VOR members have committed themselves to keeping our group strictly non-partisan in all ramification. However , members who so wish can privately engage in partisan political activities, so long as such engagement is totally unrelated to any role they may play in VOR. Members are also free to exercise their citizen rights to vote for or support any politician of their choice.