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#EndSARS, Crocodile Dance and Crocodile Tears

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Nigeria is a loot that has been legalised through the 1999 Constitution. Many politicians have been invited to partake of the loot. The owners of Nigeria are awake and asking questions.
The negotiated Constitution that was scrapped by the Military made provisions for a referendum whenever a rearrangement of the federating units is desired. All the so called “state creation exercises” since the military incursion were avenues to bring in more accomplices to validate the looting. All cries of Unity being Nonnegotiable, are for the purpose of holding on to the loot.
The poor have visited the homes of politicians uninvited and have seen the opulence in the midst of their poverty. This is similar to the visit of Niger Delta militants to Abuja, exposing what their wealth was used for while their environment was neglected. Things cannot be the same again. While the militants were few in number and they can be settled, how do you begin to settle the millions in the mobs ravaging the streets across the country? The only solution is good governance, real and genuine good governance, not some half backed sop meant to give a respite while tightening grip on power.
The real solution lies in a complete jettison of the 1999 Constitution which is incompatible with, and incapable of delivering, good governance no matter who may be in charge. Go back to a parliamentary system.
The show of discontent as a result of the mishandling of the peaceful #EndSARS protest in Lekki may be child’s play if the powers that be think this is the time to show force or hubris and allow a repeat through negligence and incompetence.
It is common sense and self interest for politicians in the south and middle belt to initiate in earnest, the process of restructuring the country. This cannot be left till 2023. That may be a gamble many may live to regret.
For those who believe that having the Security architecture and armoury in their pocket and may be deceived into thinking they can ride the storm, they may need to Google the name, Siad Barre. He was an Somalian Head of State, ironically, he died in exile in Nigeria in 1995.
A word is enough for the wise.
By Dr Olufemi Adegoke
A medical practitioner, wrote from Lagos

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