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Atiku’s Stained Image And APC’s Shared Moral Burden.

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Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar

For APC to have screened and okayed Atiku good enough to contest for its presidential ticket in 2015 (which he could have won anyway) put a heavy moral burden on the party then and now.
And for the Buhari government that was voted in for its anti – corruption mantra not to bother even for for one day to investigate Atiku with all allegations against him for the whole three years of his mutually beneficial political association with APC and its government reveals the hypocrisy and selectiveness of Buhari’s anti – corruption crusade.
Atiku could have been consciously missed out of EFCC and ICPC anti – corruption radar for two reasons:
* Atiku enjoyed the the benefit of Presidential Esprit de Corps, the unwritten code of solidarity that makes all previous Presidents and VPs to enjoy their loots gracefully and peacefully in retirement with life immunity from investigation and prosecution. Unfortunately, Abacha missed this golden opportunity due to his death in office, the reason his loots were made open by a ‘vindictive’ Obasanjo.
* Since Atiku was an APC stalwart then, with enough financial muscle and political influence that were profitable to the party, all his real and perceived sins were forgiven as one of the influential Buhari’s sanctuary dwellers.
Now that the favoured Atiku has walked away from the APC’s sanctuary shamelessly to his earlier ‘vomit’, the PDP, without qualms to challenge Buhari, APC and its supporters would naturally feel bad with a sense of loss. But rather than angrily throwing every available brickbat at Atiku, they should first be thoughtful that he remains a prominent ‘alumnus’ and a former popular co – dweller of APC’s holy sanctuary for over three years and in the tradition of Nigeria’s unprincipled nomadic politicians of no permanent ranch, he may even return to the sanctuary if he loses the election.
Therefore, any brickbat thrown at Atiku, APC and Buhari government should be ready to receive more brickbats on their heads in return because it is simply a question of show me your friend, I will know the type of person you are.
Since corruption is a common denominator among the bourgeois political parties and their leading lights, the contest for power now should be more issues based beyond the issue of ‘you are corrupt, you too are not clean’ dog fight and leave the voters to decide ultimately.
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