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Let me say straightaway that I don’t believe this (2019) election or any future elections can bring any hope or succour to our debased country. No genius can turn around the diminishing fortunes of Nigeria, because the country’s political foundation was birthed in fraud; and this fraud will forever negatively affect the fortunes of the country.
Only a political re-engineering, otherwise called restructuring can drastically reduce the “beast” in us and positively enhance the “good” in us.
2019 elections are a big leap from hope into hopelessness when compared with the 2015 elections. Whereas elections are meant for the electorate to exercise their franchise in electing their leader, the 2019 elections have proven to be the exact opposite of that lofty aim. Thumb-printing of ballot papers by hired agents and electoral officers, intimidation of voters by hoodlums and security agents, forcible seizure of electoral materials and barring of electoral officers from their duty posts by security agents, snatching of ballot boxes, maiming and killing of voters and electoral officers, unavailability and inadequacy of voting materials were but a few of the maladies that characterized this election majorly, compared to the 2015 elections.  Most contestants emerging as winners in these elections are but products of fraud and cannot be said to represent the wishes of the electorate.
The repeated cycle of electoral fraud has plagued us since independence, and will continue to haunt us ad infinitum. It is hinged on the political fraud in which the country was birthed as I had earlier posited.
The fall-out of this fraud does no ethnic nation in the country any good, but provides only short-term and jaundiced advantage. It is what is responsible for the upsurge in the almajiris, Boko Haram, killer herdsmen, cattle rustlers, rampaging gunmen, kidnappers and hoodlums in the North and the Middle Belt. How many elite northerners can comfortably and confidently visit their towns and villages? Most are holed up in relatively secured cities like Kaduna, Kano, Abuja, Lagos, Sokoto etc .The same fraudulent country’s political foundation is responsible for Biafra agitation in the South-east,Resource Control in the South-south and Odua Republic agitation in the South-west.
I posit that no ethnic nation will benefit in the long term from the confusion of the geographical expression that is Nigeria. No ethnic nation is satisfied or happy with Nigeria,or Naija in this context.
Nobody should rule out a second civil war, which will be disastrous for everyone. The clouds are ominous.
Ps. I am not a politician and I belong to no party. I am simply an advocate for a fair and just society.
Dr. Olubunmi Ilori, a medical practitioner lives in Lagos

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